I can be a self-contained and also collaborative writer. As a producer I usually collaborate or work with an engineer.

I am ready to work hard developing my writing for sync. I am a quick learner and 100% sure I can add something valuable to almost any collaboration/situation.

I have a voice of my own and write for myself. But one of my main strengths as a collaborator is being able to morph into any other artists "vibe" and support their voice. 

Kind of like an author writing characters! I am very clear on writing for my own voice  vs. other artists. VOICE = both literally and voice meaning their overall message and language.

Collaboration Styles: Indie, pop, rock, americana, electronica, EDM, folk, goth pop, synth pop, orchestral

Professional work: writer for hire - indie label IF Records, producer/writer for hire 3 month contract FUEL MUSIC, instrumental placements for reality TV, published by Position Music, ASCAP

Last project: Intergalactic electro-folk musical LOVE ON MARS. Ummmm....I don't think this is SYNC-ABLE ;-)


  • strength - lyrics, chord changes, unique pairing of changes with topline, creating musical hooks for piano/guitar, creating lyric hooks.
  • weakness - I play guitar and piano for writing purposes but definitely not a 'session player' skill level. Topline is both a strength and weakness - depends on the genre. But always a solid topline collaborator. Beats. Not amazing with programming beats though great ear for drums and sounds. LOVE hip hop beats especially married to non-hip hop or folk/indie.

Producer: NOTE: Any producing I have done was with an engineer. I do have a home studio and can put down limited production ideas, sounds, vibe. 

  • strength - creating musical hooks in any instrument, arranging (song structure, vocals, strings etc) and piano parts, modern orchestral writing and arranging. I have a lot of creative production ideas. Great at collaborating on production. Excellent ear for drums, sounds, mixing etc.
  • weakness - Weak on technical aspect of production. Weak on programming drums and transitions. Working on my tech skills to add more variety to my toolbox. 
  • gear - DAW Logic Pro X, Baby Bottle Mic, Halo mic iso, Focusrite interface, Focusrite preamp, Yamaha P105 Electric Piano/Keyboard, MAudio 25 Workstation, Martin acoustic/electric. 


  • voice is kind of a quirky folky alto - could be appropriate for backing vocals for indie/folk/americana/pop-hop type stuff or I can also do a sweet young sound, or trip hop. I am not often the right voice unless it's something I wrote specifically for myself to sing.
  • personal style I would call electro/folk/pop or folk hop. 



So I Ask - main songwriter/producer  - guitar/string arranging etc. (working with engineer - topline collaboration with singer) - I played guitar on this track and also did the string programming etc. - for FUEL MUSIC and the band Moonchild in 2010 

GUYS this is not mixed or mastered and I am DEF not the right singer. But you know. Ish happens!

You Are Magic - songwriter/lyricist/producer/singer (working with engineer) request for lyrics abracadabra and other magician related for a Disney movie about magician summer camp. On this recording I played guitar, piano, synth, and produced with a co-producer/engineer. 

Ike Spike - main writer/producer (with co-producer/engineer) published by Position Music. Placed in America's Next Top Model and foreign reality TV shows. I did the basic layout and sounds at my home studio and worked with a co-producer/engineer for the final production and polishing stage.